• Can You Sue For A Car Accident If The Other Driver Didn't Get A Ticket?

    After a car accident, the police will often give a ticket to whoever caused it. This can be important information for your personal injury claim. But does the police not giving a ticket mean that you don't have a personal injury case? What Exactly Does a Traffic Ticket Mean? A traffic ticket isn't always the same thing as deciding fault for an accident. A traffic ticket just means that whoever got it broke a traffic law.
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  • Can You Sue a Teacher for Spanking Your Child?

    Spanking children is illegal in most places. While it's rare today, it can still happen when a teacher loses their temper. If this happens to your child, in addition to having the teacher fired and arrested, you can sue for your child's injuries to cover their medical bills and emotional distress. What Injuries Can Spanking Cause? Spanking can cause both physical and mental injuries. Depending on the severity, physical injuries can include bruises, welts, cuts, broken bones, or internal bleeding.
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