Four Key Questions That Need Answers After A Car Accident

Posted on: 29 June 2022

Once an auto accident victim is recovered enough to consider taking action, they usually need the answers to the below four key questions. Read on and find out more.

How Much Will Representation Cost?

Accident victims are generally concerned about money after an accident and rightly so. Though they may acknowledge that they need legal representation if they are to be paid what they deserve, they also are aware of the financial toll the accident has taken on their budget.

That is why almost all personal injury lawyers offer victims a contingency payment plan. That means victims can wait and pay the lawyer fees later — if and when they win their case. The fees are percentage of the winning settlement or the court judgment. No win means no fees are due. That helps victims afford the expertise and support a personal injury attorney will bring to the case.

Do I Have a Good Case?

In many cases, contingency fee lawyers won't take a case unless they are assured of winning it. Your lawyer will evaluate the evidence in the case to determine your chances of winning. They will look at your medical treatment expenses and other economic forms of damage to determine the value of the case. Good cases rest on issues like fault, injuries, and more.

How Long Will This Take

Accident victims are often eager to get paid and put this entire ordeal behind them. Cases that settle could be over in a matter of weeks however most cases take more time than that to resolve. Once you meet with your personal injury attorney, they will send the other side a demand letter and that will serve as the start of negotiations for a settlement. Your lawyer will speak with the insurance lawyers for the other side about your case and try to come to an agreement on what you should be paid. If the case does settle, a lawsuit will be filed, and you can expect several months of waiting if the case goes to court.

How Much Can I be Paid?

Each case is unique and based on damages. That means your case is based on economic damages like your medical expenses, lost wages, personal property losses, and more. Non-economic damages are also part of the compensation. Pain and suffering is one major non-economic form of damage that can be several times your medical treatment costs but are also based on your level of mental anguish and discomfort. Your lawyer will add up what you are owed, and you can expect to be paid approximately that sum, give or take some.

Speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out more.


injured due to a mechanic's neglect

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