Personal Injuries & Season Ticket Holders: How A Lawyer Can Help With Quality Of Life Claims

Posted on: 2 September 2016

Owning season tickets to your favorite sports team comes with the privilege and honor of watching games, following teams, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Suffering a personal injury can dramatically affect your ability to use those season tickets and enjoy the regular games that you loved to attend. A large part of any personal injury case is a quality of life claim. When specifically dealing with your season tickets, there may be several factors that impact your quality of life and emotional distress that comes with the injury. A lawyer can help you sort out these different factors and apply them to a settlement case against the party responsible for your injuries.

Future Tickets

One of the biggest impacts that a personal injury can have is the ability to own season tickets in the future. Season ticket holders are typically granted seniority. This means that if you already own season tickets, then you are pretty much guaranteed new tickets in the future. A personal injury could have a huge impact on this. For example, your injury may force your out of work. Without a weekly income, you may not be able to afford new sets of tickets for the next season. This could cause you to lose out on your quality of life and annual traditions that you had while attending games.

Missed Games

Along with missing out on future seasons, you may have tickets to the current season that you may not be able to attend. If you were hospitalized, bed ridden, or unable to physically attend the sports game, then that could have a big impact on your settlement case. Not only are you losing on the monetary value of the ticket, but missing the game can leave you feeling emotionally distressed. It's hard to put a value on situations like this, but a lawyer can use past evidence and personal statements to help bolster your case. For example, the longer you've been attending games, the more emotional connections you have. You may have been attending a football team's games for ten years. Missing a game for the first time can come with stress, anxiety, and the possible sense of loss. A lawyer can use past ticket stubs and other evidence to help showcase your change in quality of life.

Seating Comfort

At some point, you may be able to attend games again. If this is the case, then your quality of life may have to be adapted using a variety of seating equipment. For example, you may have to purchase and wear special back or knee braces to sit comfortably in the stands. Special seat cushions may also be used to help alleviate pressure on the back or spine. All of the costs associated with these adjustments may be included on your case. If you're waiting to attend a game until you've healed more, then a lawyer can use cost estimates to help plan your case and seek the proper amount of compensation.

Game Extras

Attending games as a season ticket holder is not always just about watching the game. There may be a number of extras that impact your quality of life. For example, you may have attended one game a month with a parent or your child. This is a great bonding experience that you have lost out on due to the injury. Pre-game activities may include socializing and enjoying games in tailgating areas. Losing out on these elements could impact you emotionally. Along with expressing your feelings through statements, a lawyer may request professional evidence in the form of a therapist or psychologist. Building this evidence up can help create a stronger case and possibly larger settlement.

Consult with a personal injury attorney such a Jon D. Caminez, PA to gather more information about quality of life claims and building a settlement case.


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