Why You Have To Sign A Waiver To Go Over Niagara Falls In A Barrel

Posted on: 19 November 2017

Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel used to be this big, cool thing thrill-seekers used to do. It does not happen so much anymore, mostly because of the injuries and the potential for a fatality. In some areas of the Falls, you can still do this, but only as a media stunt and only if you sign a legal waiver. Here are the reasons why a legal waiver is necessary.

Neither the Canadian nor American Parks Departments Want to Be Sued

Back when a lot of people attempted such a stunt, they would get hurt and try to sue with the help of a personal injury attorney. Of course, governments do not appreciate being sued for something an individual chooses to do, which the individual knows is not exactly an intelligent thing to do. As for the fatalities that occurred, family members would sue in place of the person that went over the falls. You have to sign a waiver stating that you, and none of your family or friends, will sue the Canadian or American parks departments if you are injured or killed.

You Fully Acknowledge and Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

That is as it should be, right? You know that what you are about to do is dangerous, but you choose to do it anyway. Part of the waiver states that you fully acknowledge the dangers and risks of your choice, and that you accept responsibility for what happens to you. Since this is not part of your job, and no one is commanding or demanding that you do it, you cannot sue for personal injury under the law after you sign a waiver claiming that you know and understand what you are doing.

Other "Thrill Sports" Require the Same Waiver

If you were going cliff jumping, bungee jumping, or sky diving, you would have to sign a waiver with each of these "thrill sports" as well. While going over the falls in a barrel is not exactly a sport, the end results could be the same: injury, adrenaline rushes that lead to heart attacks, and even death. Hence, after so many injuries and fatalities over Niagara Falls, it was necessary to view these attempts as a "thrill sport" and require a waiver as well. There are also several extra requirements that you must complete before you can attempt and complete your daredevil stunt over the Falls. Check with the parks departments in both countries.


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