First Things First: Taking Action After A Car Wreck

Posted on: 19 March 2018

Nobody makes plans to get in a car wreck, and when it happens, it can really disrupt a life. When you consider how an injury accident affects you, you can understand it, but be ready for it? Probably not. Your actions, especially those right after the wreck can affect the way you heal from your injury and the way you are compensated. Read on to learn more about taking action after a car wreck.

Step 1: Seek Medical Care

After a wreck, you may need to rely on a loved one's opinion of whether or not you need medical care. Even if some time has passed since the accident, it's never too late to see the doctor or make a trip to the emergency room. Some injuries, like head trauma, can take more time to show up. If you feel something is amiss, seek care. After your medical treatment, be sure to follow all treatment suggestions and keep your follow up appointments. Not doing so could make it appear to the at-fault drivers' insurance adjuster that you are not that badly hurt and don't deserve compensation.

Step 2: Get Organized

Embarking on a personal injury process can result in mounds of paperwork and documents, all of them important to your case. An expandable file folder works well for dividing those documents up into categories, like medical bills and expenses, the wrecked car, lost time from your job and so on. Another helpful tool to begin using as soon as possible is a pain journal. Here, you note your thoughts and feelings, medical treatment notes, your struggles to recover from your injury and more. When you consider that it may be months and months until you can be deposed and get started on your trial, this journal will serve as a valuable memory jogger.

Step 3: Seek Legal Help

If you think that the at-fault driver's insurance adjuster is going to cut you an adequate check for your injuries and other damages, you might be in for a shock. Only by seeking legal help and filing a personal injury lawsuit can you hope to be compensated fully for things like pain and suffering and lost wages.

In most cases, you can get an attorney to take your case without having to spend any money upfront. Speak to an auto accident attorney as soon as you are able after your wreck since you only have a limited amount of time to take action against the other party.


injured due to a mechanic's neglect

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