Take It To The Judge: 6 Reasons To Fight A Traffic Violation And Clear Your Good Name

Posted on: 17 September 2018

While a single traffic ticket, be it for speeding or an illegal lane change, may mean paying a few dollars, more than a few tickets, along with the severity of the circumstances, can add up to big headaches for you as a driver, a consumer, and a person who appreciates their freedom. Sometimes a ticket isn't worth arguing over, even if you think you were in the right, but other times, you really need to take the ticket to a judge and fight it with everything you have.

1. If Someone Was Injured, You Might Be Held Liable

Receiving a citation when an accident occurred could mean that you will be held liable for injuries sustained by any people involved, which would multiply your troubles immeasurably. If your traffic violation (allegedly) took place in the timeline of a crash, you need to hire an attorney and dispute the accusations, not just to fight the ticket, but to avoid being dragged into litigation over the injuries and loss of property.

2. Your Fine Could Be Reduced

Fighting a ticket, especially if you have a good case, could result in you facing a lesser fine and/or charge, and that would certainly be welcome news. Rather than paying the full fine and accepting responsibility for whatever infraction supposedly occurred, you might be able to walk away with a much smaller burden if you take the matter to court.

3. You Could Face Traffic School, Rather Than A Fine

Attending traffic school is more favorable to most people than paying a hefty fine and the other consequences associated with accepting a ticket at face value. In addition to avoiding other penalties, traffic school can actually be quite beneficial to you, no matter the reasons you become a student. You can:

  • Improve your defensive driving abilities.
  • Refresh your knowledge of the laws designed to keep you and others safe on the road.
  • Make you aware of changes that have occurred since you were first taught and tested for your license.

Depending on your state and available resources, you might even be able to attend traffic school online, from home. This would allow you to meet the legal requirement of your sentence without disrupting your busy schedule. If you and your traffic attorney decide to opt for school over another sentence, be sure to find out if you can do it online. If you're concerned that your driving skills really aren't up to par, especially if you're young and new to driving, which can increase your risk significantly, attend classes in an in-person environment so you can really improve your skills behind the wheel.

4. The Violation Could Be Completely Dismissed

If you have a good traffic attorney and a good defense lined up, your fight in traffic court could very well see the violation dismissed completely. While some might argue that the cost of an average ticket is much less than the cost of a good attorney, when you add everything up, winning in traffic court can actually be priceless, particularly if you make it a habit of showing up there.

5. You Can't Afford The Points On Your Driving Record

Multiple violations on your driving record can add up to major penalties, including, but not limited to, having your license suspended. The numbers differ from state to state, but if you are a repeat offender, you could be driving around under the constant threat of losing your license, which may mean losing your job and dignity, among other consequences. Fighting even a single ticket could mean the difference between being a licensed driver and being literally up the creek with no paddle, most especially if you live far out of a downtown area and don't have another driver in your household who can taxi you around.

6. You Don't Want The Violation Raising Your Insurance Costs  

Another good reason to take your ticket trouble directly to the judge is the potential rise in your insurance premiums. Insurance companies don't have a lot of tolerance for reckless drivers, nor can they assume the risk they carry without raising the rates they charge. If you can beat your ticket in court, you can save your insurance premiums from skyrocketing.

No matter what the circumstances, it's important to clear your good name when it comes to traffic violations if they're adding up or threatening your driving freedoms. While a parking ticket or two may seem inconsequential, numerous and/or serious violations demand you team up with a good attorney and fight for your right to drive. Thereafter, be sure and stick to the straight and narrow on the road so no judge becomes too familiar with your face and you're as safe as you can be behind the wheel. Contact a law firm like Wood & Rabil  LLP for more information.


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