The Importance Of A Settlement Demand Letter In A Car Accident Case

Posted on: 21 November 2018

One of the key steps in settling a car accident case is creating a settlement demand letter to send to the insurance company that is handling the claim. While you could create this letter yourself, it is often better to hire a lawyer to do this for you. Here are several things you should understand about this important letter.

What is a settlement demand letter?

A settlement demand letter is a formal letter written on behalf of the victim of a car accident to the insurance company handling the claim. This letter states a lot of key details, including the names of those involved in the accident, and the date and location of the accident.

After stating the basic details of the accident, the demand letter will list all the types of damages the victim encountered as a result of the accident, and it will typically be divided into categories. The categories might include damages to the car, lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering. At the end of the letter, it will state the amount of money the victim is asking for in terms of compensation for the accident.

Why is it better to have an attorney write the letter?

You could choose to write this letter yourself; however, insurance companies tend to take letters from lawyers more seriously than letters from the victims themselves. Additionally, lawyers draft these types of letters all the time, and therefore, they know how to write them in the most effective way.

What happens after the insurance company receives the letter?

When the insurance company receives the letter, the adjuster handling the claim will review it. If the demand amount seems fair to the insurance company, they will agree to it and will settle the claim by sending a check for the total amount listed on the letter. If they feel that the amount is too high, they will refuse to agree to it and will begin negotiating for a lower amount. If you write the letter yourself, you would be responsible for negotiating the claim. If you hire a lawyer to do this for you, he or she will handle the negotiations on your behalf.

If you were in a collision with another driver and feel that you are entitled to compensation for this accident, you will need to talk to a car accident lawyer to find out if you have the right to sue the other driver. For more information, contact an attorney such as Kenneth P Hicks today.


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