3 Things to Know About Quickly Settling a Car Accident Case

Posted on: 12 April 2019

After a car accident, you might need to get your car fixed or buy a new one if it is totaled, and you might start getting medical bills in the mail that you cannot afford to pay. Because of this, you might consider rushing into settling your case, just so you can take care of the bills you have, but this is not always the best thing to do. In fact, here are three things to know about settling a car accident case too quickly.

You Should Avoid Rushing if You Have Severe Injuries

While it can be tempting to settle quickly because of the medical bills you have and the loss of income you have from not working, you should avoid rushing into a settlement if you have severe injuries. The main reason is that you will not know the full effects of these injuries for a while, and you should not settle until you know for sure what the full extent of your injuries are. Lawyers often suggest waiting until you reach medical maximum improvement (MMI), which means you should not settle until you have full knowledge of the effects your injuries will have for the rest of your life.

You Will Lose Money if You Rush

Settling too quickly will result in receiving your settlement right away, but it will also typically mean losing out on money. If you settle right now, you will have fewer bills and problems to claim on your settlement. This will typically result in a lower settlement amount than if you had waited for months or even years.

You Can Receive Help if You Need Money Now

If you really want to settle because of the money you need to pay your bills, talk to your lawyer about the options you have. You might be able to work out deals with your healthcare providers that do not require payment until you settle, and you might also qualify for a lawsuit settlement loan, which would provide you with cash right now to pay your bills.

While most people do not like waiting for years to settle any type of problem or case, there are some good reasons you should never rush into settling your car accident case. If you have not discussed your case with a lawyer yet, you should contact a local personal injury law firm such as Walsh & Associates, PC.


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