3 Things To Take Pictures Of After Your Motorcycle Accident

Posted on: 15 May 2019

With more people carrying around smartphones and other devices that have cameras, it is becoming easier for people to gather evidence and proof when they are involved in an incident. For example, if you find yourself involved in a motorcycle accident, it is a good idea to take multiple pictures and even videos so that you can gather proof of just what happened in the accident. These are some of the things that you will want to take pictures of after your motorcycle wreck.

1. Your Motorcycle

You might have taken pictures of your motorcycle in the past so that you could send them to your friends or post them on your social media profiles. Now, you aren't going to be taking pictures of your bike so that you can show it off. Instead, after a motorcycle accident, it's a good idea to take pictures of your motorcycle so that you can document the damage that was done to your bike. The scratches, dents, and other damage on your motorcycle can help provide proof that the accident happened in the way that you said that it did. Plus, this proof of your motorcycle's damage can help you make sure that you get help with either repairing or replacing it, depending on how severe the damage might be.

2. Yourself

Right now, you might not exactly feel selfie ready, but taking pictures of yourself after a motorcycle accident is not a bad idea. You might have visible burns, cuts, and scrapes, for example. These injuries will hopefully heal soon, but you will want to have documentation that they were there. Taking pictures or taking a quick video of yourself can help you with this proof. You should still get documentation from your doctor or another medical professional. A motorcycle accident attorney in your area may use that documentation and your photos to help you get compensation for your injuries.

3. The Surroundings

If you're still at the scene of the accident, take a minute to take pictures of your surroundings. Documenting things like road signs and buildings will help you capture documentation of exactly where the accident happened. Pictures of skid marks in the road and any surrounding property damage can help you capture just how serious the accident was. Lastly, taking pictures of speed limit signs, warning signs, stop lights, or stop signs can help you prove that the other driver was negligent when causing the accident, if this was the case.


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