Arguments Insurance Agents Might Use To Avoid Paying Your Motorcycle Crash Claim And How An Attorney Can Counter Them

Posted on: 6 February 2023

Many road incidents involving contact between motorcycles and other vehicles result in riders suffering harm to multiple parts of their bodies. This is more so if drivers fail to notice an oncoming motorcycle and therefore move into the motorcyclist's path. In such cases, motorists knock down riders, causing them to sustain severe injuries. Unfortunately, some victims who go through incidents like these do not get the help they need when they seek compensation from insurance companies. Instead, insurance agents raise arguments to avoid paying the complainants their rightful settlement. Below are some common strategies insurers may apply and how an attorney can counter them to help ensure you get the payment you deserve: 

Placing the Blame on Riders

Many insurance providers hire legal teams to represent and advise them on how to lower or refute claims. One of the strategies the insurers' attorneys will likely recommend is blaming the riders for making mistakes that contributed to the collision. For example, they might accuse motorcyclists of not slowing down sooner or being on the wrong part of the lane when the collision happened. Some insurance agents also accuse complainants of not wearing protective gear or being inexperienced.

These arguments can lead the judge to believe that you were at fault if you don't provide evidence to counter them. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a lawyer to collect evidence proving that you were not in the wrong. For instance, they might use video footage to show you riding carefully when the wrongdoer hit you. They can also present documents establishing that you are a qualified rider and have not caused an accident since you started riding. This may be enough to exonerate you of any wrongdoing and enable you to get a favorable payment from the defendant.

Linking Modified Bike Parts to the Collision

Unfortunately, the insurance agents may get an expert to inspect your motorbike and give a statement they might use to reduce your payment. For instance, they can claim that loud muffler pipes on your bike made it challenging to hear the offender's honking. They may also state that your bike's faulty parts are the reason you got into a collision. In the event that the insurance representatives raise these arguments, your lawyer will have expert witnesses investigate the collision and help demonstrate that none of the bike's parts contributed to the crash.

The culprit's insurer will likely do everything possible to avoid paying your rightful compensation following a motorcycle crash claim. Therefore, hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you in your case is advisable. When you do this, your attorney will identify and fight any tactics the insurance agents might use to avoid paying you fair compensation.

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